Sunday, 26 May 2013

That Cup Parade in Full

I enjoy living in Leith, particularly on cup final day. All week I've been reading about Hibernian FC's plan for tomorrow's, ahem, victory parade following today's Scottish Cup Final. Doing my bit for public service, here's the amended itinerary:

18.00 Bus leaves Edinburgh city chambers

18.05  Bus stops at Tescos to allow Leigh Griffiths to do his weekly shop

18.10 Bus arrives in Gorgie Road, where passengers ask local Hearts supporters what it feels like to see their team win the Scottish Cup.

18.20 Bus arrives back at a deserted city chambers.

19.02 Loud beeping noise as the open top bus reverses into the Lothian Buses garage.

As has been said annually since 1903 - better luck next year, chaps...