Thursday, 15 September 2011

David Francey

Sad news today about the passing of one of the great football commentators in Scotland - David Francey. The man who commentated on hundreds of Scottish football games for more than two decades until he retired in the late 1980s had been ill for some time.

I grew up listening to David Francey on the radio. He was the voice of football. There was a great story about him commentating on a Scotland game in Romania in the 1970s when he turned, off microphone, to summariser Ian Archer and asked 'Who's that Romanian number 4?' Archer replied 'F*cked if I know!'

Francey then told the listeners 'And Romania clear through Fuctifino...'

Francey said later this was a myth but it's still a great story. There was something almost comforting about listening to the great man on the radio. He sounded like a loveable grandad who would never criticise players or managers and his knowledge of the game was legendary.

A sad loss to football and to Scottish broadcasting.

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