Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Athletes All of Them...

But who are they and when was this photo taken? I suspect Ken Fitlike will know instantly!


  1. Despite being almost totally obscured by the trophy Drew Jarvie is instantly identifiable!
    Big Davie Robb is a particular hero of mine and deserved his celebratory ciggy for getting the winner that day

  2. A smoking drunken rabble in a bath?
    I immediately thought of Hibernian till I noticed the silverware!

  3. Good one Adullamite! As Ken knows, this was Aberdeen after they won the League Cup in 1976. They beat Celtic 2-1 after extra-time in the final - after they hammered Rangers 5-1 in the semi-final. Davie Robb, Joe Harper, Drew Jarvie and the present Dundee manager Jocky Scott are all there. And I think that's Joe Smith with the dark hair at the back although I'm sure Ken will confirm.

  4. Willie Garner at the back, next to the boyish Georgie (Pele) Campbell. Willie Miller's eyebrow at the bottom left.
    A rare shot of Joey Harper slugging back some drink!

    lots of memories of this game... digging into my archives ( boxes of old fooshty match programmes in a dark cupboard) and may blog a bit aboot it l8r

  5. Willie Garner - he managed my local team Newtongrange Star for a spell a few years back.